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Want to Grow your Mediation Practice or need help getting started?

Starting a mediation practice as a side gig to your law practice?

Want to attract more mediation clients?

Want to position yourself as more of an “Expert” in the ADR arena?

Check out our Marketing Course and Begin Investing in your Practice!

Mediation Master Class Marketing Edition- $597.00

For 25 years I have referred 1,000’s of cases to hundreds of independent mediators throughout the US.  Some starting out, many seasoned, but few, very few had a full dance card or the business they wanted and were unsure how to effectively market and attract enough new clients.

In this course, Mediation Master Class – Marketing Edition, this video series will teach you how to draw new clients by providing them with the information they are looking for when choosing a mediator.

This course Includes:

Win the client and you win the caseWe will review the Do’s and Don’ts of creating an effective bio or media kit designed to  answer the 3 questions clients are trying to address when choosing a mediator.

Creating a winning Website – in this module we will review the 10 must do’s to have a winning website.

Marketing Messaging – Determining the Who, Where and What of your marketing campaign.  Who you want to engage, where to find them and what to say!

Easy 1, 2, 3 of Content Creation – Did you know that you can create en entire week’s work of content in under and hour?  I will show you how.

Expanding your Audience – Step by step guide and support on how to use LinkedIn to expand your sphere and draw clients.

Launch your brand and Market Growth

One to One Advanced Mediation Training with Skill Assessment and Certification – $3500.00

Of all the retired judges and mediators that I have met over the course of my career, almost ALL of them expressed that they were or would be a great mediator.  In reality, only about 10% of them were.  Why such a big disconnect?

Mediation requires a unique skill set which most mediators develop and hone over time, through a great deal of trial and error.  Unfortunately, this approach can undermine your business growth as it leaves new clients “underwhelmed” with your services until you have developed your “A” Game.

This one to one 24 hour training includes:

  • A full skill assessment to help you identify and improve any weakness in your mediation style and approach.
  • Individual coaching and training on the best, advanced mediation techniques that I have observed from the industry’s top mediators.
  • Mediation Master Class – Marketing Edition Course ($597.00 value) and resources to guide you through your initial 90 day, marketing plan.